ADSLAB = Architectonic Design Strategy Laboratory

ADSLAB   explores the functional essence of a building.

ADSLAB   endeavors to obtain unique tectonic application provoking the senses to materials.

A.LAB+    promotes the collaborative works among professionals and communicates rigorously for                   the most appropriate solution.

A.LAB+    produces innovative technical solution with engineers, fabricators, manufacturers and                       contractors.



Yoonhie Lee received Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Interior Architecture from Kansas State University in USA and Master of Architecture from Yale University. Since 1998, she had worked on several Architecture and Interior projects in New York and Seoul.

After returning back to Seoul in 2003, she holds full-time professorship at Department of Architecture, Ewha Womans University. Establishing research foundation in ADSLAB at Ewha, she seeks to work on the projects engaging her theoretical research and topics such as materials, details and tectonic application. The quality of rich spatial experience is not only generated from formal articulation, but also from the richness of material property. In her work, Structural elements plays as important space generator.

Starting from 2009, Yoonhie Lee explores her own practice into private and public projects in its specific site and circumstance. Achieving the design excellence, she closely communicates with manufacturers, fabricators and contractors in order to generate elaborate workmanship and accurate understanding of the construction details and process.